26-04-2015 08:12:52

Welcome to MODx

Install Successful!

You have successfully installed and configured MODx. We hope you find this site an adequate starting configuration for many small business, organization or personal websites; just change out the template and you'll be good to go! This site is preconfigured with a variety of options we hope are helpful, relevant and just plain cool for many marketing or personal sites. Click the bold title links to learn more about the following features:

  • Simple Blog. When logged into your site, you'll be able to create new entries from the front end. This can also be turned into a News publishing or PR publishing system.
  • Easy Comments. When logged into your site, your registered site users can comment on your posts.
  • RSS Feeds. Feeds for your site automatically get pushed out so your site visitors can stay up to date.
  • Automatic User Registration. Those that wish to comment on blogs must first create an account. This comes pre-configured with a "Captcha" anti-robot registration feature.
  • QuickEdit. When you're logged into the manager, you can edit a page directly from the front end!
  • Integrated Site Search. Allows visitors to search only the pages you wish them to search.
  • Powerful UL-based Navigation Builder. Duplicate or build virtually any CSS-based unordered list navigation system with our dynamic menu builder code.
  • Scrip.aculo.us enabled. You're on your way to Web 2.0 and AJAX goodness!
  • Custom "page not found (404)" page. Help visitors who go astray to find what they're looking for.
  • Contact Us form. A highly configurable contact form you should customize to point to the right email address. Comes pre-configured to prevent mail-form-injection so your site does not become a source for spam.
  • Related Links on each page. Link your site pages together using keywords.
  • Newest documents list. Shows your visitor the three most recently added pages (configurable).

To log into the MODx Control Panel and start customizing this site, point your browser to http://www.snowin.net/manager/.